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Disability Rights

Americans with Disabilities Act Document Center
Extensive listing of resources related to disabilities, including legal issues, information related to specific disabilities, the full text of Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA), and much, much more.

Disability Net
Web service from United Kingdom for all disabled people and people with an interest in disability issues.

Disability Resources from Evan Kemp Associates
Extremely helpful, very practical site that also includes extensive links to other sites.

Electric Edge
Web Edition of the Ragged Edge.

Not Dead Yet Home Page
Information on disability rights organization that sees assisted suicides a form of coercion.

Not Dead Yet & ADAPT amicus brief in U.S. Supreme Court Assisted Suicide Cases

Resources for Multiple Disabilities
Links to products and services, information providers, disability statistics, ergonomics, organizations, publications, and technology related resources.

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End of Life Care

Consumer/Family Resources for End of Life Care - Last Acts
Last Acts is a national coalition to improve care and caring near the end of life.  The Last Acts Family Committee, a working group serving the Last Acts Campaign, recently compiled a resources compendium designed for family caregivers.  The materials listed in this compendium were created by numerous organizations interested in assisting the families and the care givers of those facing the end of life.  The compendium is a shorter version of a complete resources list compiled by the Family Committee.  This full list can be accessed through the Last Acts Campaign web site by clicking above.

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International Anti-euthanasia Task Force


Federal Web Locator
One stop point for U.S. federal government information on the World Wide Web. Also has links to some international sites, non-government related sites and search engines

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Courts and Case Law
Links to U.S. and International law related sites

Legal research starting points from American Bar Association site

The 'Lectric Law Library
Excellent law related site that serves up substantial information with humorous asides

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Late breaking news summaries

Houston Chronicle
Daily on-line edition plus UPI wire service reports

Newspapers by region, country, state and city
One of the best news link sources on the World Wide Web

Washington Post
Text of latest edition plus links to information on a worldwide basis

Wire Stories
Associated Press and Reuter news services

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Pain Control

Cancer and Other Chronic Pain Management
Patient's guide to pain management from Beth Israel Health Care System

Coping with Cancer Pain
Discussion about obtaining pain control services

Basic information about hospice from the National Hospice Organization

Information for Health Professionals
Detailed information about resources for pain management

Pain Control for Cancer and AIDS Patients
Overview of pain management and discussion of some types of drugs used in treating pain

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